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Mobile Dictionary
Below are some helpful mobile terms:

Acronym Explanation
ATB All the best
N an
NE any
NE1 anyone
NETHNG anything
r Are
@ at
B2B back to back
BWD backward
B be
BCAME became
BTDT Been there done that
B4 before
B N being
B4N Bye for now
CN can
:-/ confused
:o):o) Déjà vu
DOIN doing
XLNT excellent
4 for
FWD forward
F2T free to talk
GIZZA give us a
GONNA Going to
GR8 great
H8 hate
HV Have
HAND Have a nice day
L O hello
:-o I'm suprised
I I/aye/eye
L8 late
L8TR later
LKIT! Like it!
NO1 no-one
NUTN nothing
PPL People
FONE phone
PLS please
PCM please call me
Q queue
:-( sad face
SEZ says
C ZIN season
C see
CU see you
SUM1 someone
STRA stray
Bo) Sunglasses
T tea
TMB Text me back
THNQ thank you
D the
2 to
B to be 2
2DAY today
2MORO tomorrow
2NITE tonight
W84M Wait for me
WAN2 want to
WK week
WKD weekend
WEN when
WENJA when do you
WERU Where are you
WL will
W with
W/O without
1 won
U you
UR your

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